Media being a so powerful have a duty conscious before they could telecast any program. That too a host of a particular program should be very careful. The host should have it in mind that millions of people watch. Among them there are lots of people who really analyse (intellectuals). The host can make a small mistake but not the basic program. For example the program in JAYA TV on 27.10.2010. Again Anu Hassan who was the host should analyse herself before she could do such program. I meant Alcoholic Anonymus. Anonymity should be maintained.


TVs and newspapars (media) play a big role in the society. For example a few weeks ago a godman by name nityananda was on high demand on the show. now it slowly vanishes. In fact news channels were telecasting him (hidden camera) with a actress. In this issue i don’t know what is the offence and who is the complainant…. So far nothing happened. and what right the media had to telecast such things. Ofcourse godman was preaching indian culture. May be breach of trust.