lawyers work apart from court

In India lawyers apart from the court work it is inevitable that we have to attend other works. Like going to police stations, Sub-registrar’s office for registration, counselling.

For example on 22.03.2010 there was hot news in chennai (india) drugs, expired medicines were stocked and sold and the police seized medicines to the tune of several crores. now the police after seizing the medicines didn’t have place to keep those date barred medicines. So they were trying to stock it in our clients godown. Now for this i need to go the spot. Atlast we made them to remove it from the godown.


Herbal water

Today I am on a new subject . Drinking Water. Only from 2001 in India water being packed and sold. Now Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) ceritifying the water for sale. For which they charge. And it is mandatory that packaged drinking water need to be certified. Now that my client is manufacturer of Herbal Water. There are so many issues about water … See Morei.e., proprietary food, flavoured water. As per my client standard he doesn’t come under BIS.

Now I need to know about the water business in other countries how it works  please comment. you may go on to the Herbal water link through my link.

about an hour ago ·

TVs and newspapars (media) play a big role in the society. For example a few weeks ago a godman by name nityananda was on high demand on the show. now it slowly vanishes. In fact news channels were telecasting him (hidden camera) with a actress. In this issue i don’t know what is the offence and who is the complainant…. So far nothing happened. and what right the media had to telecast such things. Ofcourse godman was preaching indian culture. May be breach of trust.


I like the definition of evidence in my new book. Indian author sarkar. Its short and sweet.

” Evidence ” means and includes – (1) All statements which the court permits or requires to be made before it by witnesses, in relation to matters of fact under inquiry; such statement are called oral evidence; (2) all documents… indluding electronic records produced for the inspection of the Court, such documents are called documentary evidence.

Also this “evidence of living person cannot be given by affidavit. only in witness box and while examining him as witness.”

Nigerian scam

how to curtail the nigerian scam. lottery, government grants etc.,



In indian law when a criminal complaint is lodged the procedure is

1. after the receipt of the complaint the police will give a receipt called L.P. (Local Petition ).

2. A statement of the complainant  to be recorded by the police as per the Criminal Procedure Code 161.

3. Then comes the First Information Report.

4.  After that the Investigation officer getting convinced of offence he will go for the arrest of the accused, investigate and then remand him to the judicial custody along with the remand report (reasons for remanding)

5. Then the Investigation Officer (I.O) after thorough investigations will file the chargesheet along with the case of the prosecution.

6. Then the judiciary comes into play.

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